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A hearing screening is important if you:

• Hear but don’t understand certain words.

• Frequently ask people to repeat themselves.

• Have difficulty hearing on the phone.

• Haven’t had a hearing test in 12 months.



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One in ten Americans has experienced hearing loss. You may be among them. In most cases, hearing loss happens gradually. Acknowledgment, likewise, is something most people come to slowly.

If you suspect you might have a hearing loss, take a moment to reflect on these questions:


Do people seem to mumble or speak in a softer voice than they used to?

Do you feel tired or irritated after a long conversation?

Do you feel tired or irritated after a long conversation?

When you are in a group or in a crowded restaurant, is it difficult to follow the conversation?

When you are with other people, does background noise bother you?

Do you often need to turn up the volume on your TV or radio?

Do you find it difficult to hear the doorbell or the telephone ring?

Is carrying on a telephone conversation difficult?

Do you find it difficult to pinpoint where an object is (e.g., an alarm clock or a telephone) from the noise it makes?

Has someone close to you mentioned that you might have a problem with your hearing?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, we encourage you to have your hearing evaluated. Livingston clinicians are professionally trained and perform the most comprehensive assessments in the industry.

Scheduling an appointment is the logical next step towards better hearing health. Simply fill out the sign-up form for a free hearing consultation, and you will be well on your way!

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