Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing loss varies from person to person, especially when age is part of the equation. Assistive listening systems and devices were built with the idea of minimizing the amount of places where hearing loss is a factor. At home or away, patients should feel confident about the capabilities of their hearing devices.

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About Loop Systems

Today’s digital hearing aids effectively enhance hearing in conversational settings, but when auditorium or TV speakers are at a distance, when the background is noisy, or when room acoustics reverberate, sound can be unclear. Loops get rid of background noise so that the hearing aid user can separate speech properly. It’s a simple, inexpensive technology that turns hearing aids with telecoils into wireless receivers – customized speakers for the user’s ears.

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing Loop

An induction loop system transmits magnetic energy to telecoil equipped hearing aids through a wire that surrounds an audience.


Not all hearing aids support telecoil features, so it is best to check with your Livingston Hearing Healthcare Professional about supported brands. If the telecoil is already installed in your hearing aid it requires only the push of a button for clear sound delivered directly to the hearing aids.

If you would like a consultation to find out whether your hearing aids work with induction loop systems, or to try out a pair that does in a hearing aid test drive.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from using ALDs?

ALDs can benefit individuals with various degrees of hearing loss, including those with mild to profound impairment, as well as people with auditory processing disorders or difficulties hearing in specific environments like classrooms, theaters, or meetings.

Yes, many modern ALDs feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing them to pair with smartphones, tablets, or other compatible devices. This enables users to stream audio directly to their ALDs for improved clarity and convenience.

While many ALDs are compatible with hearing aids or cochlear implants, there are also standalone devices available for individuals without hearing aids. Personal amplifiers, for example, can be used by anyone experiencing difficulty hearing in certain situations.

Yes, many ALDs are designed to help individuals hear more clearly in noisy environments by reducing background noise or focusing on specific sounds or voices.