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We offer the largest selection of hearing aids from the best brands. Our products come in a variety of styles and colors designed to make your selection an ideal fit.

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Our wireless accessories offer seamless connectivity between devices, allowing you to hold carefree conversations in any type of complex listening environment.


You sometimes miss key words in a sentence This remote can be used to adjust volume, change memory modes, enter and exit streaming mode, and much more — all with the push of a button.or frequently need to ask people to repeat themselves.


This microphone is designed to stream audio directly to your hearing aids. It is a discreet, lightweight device that can be worn by a conversation partner to help in one-on-one conversations or settings with multiple speakers.


TV Streamer is a set-and-forget media streaming solution that connects to TVs, MP3 players, and more to wirelessly stream audio directly to hearing aids.

Table Microphone

The table microphone is tailored for group settings such as meetings, family gatherings, or bustling restaurants. Placing it at the center of a table, it can skillfully identify the primary speaker’s voice and seamlessly stream it directly to your hearing aids.

Hearing Protection

Safeguard your hearing against the harmful sounds of gunshots, power tools, and industrial machines. Whether you find yourself in the woods, at the range, or on the factory floor, maintaining optimal hearing is essential for both your success and safety.

Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from wearing hearing aids?

Hearing aids can benefit individuals with mild to profound hearing loss, as well as those with difficulty hearing in noisy environments or understanding speech.

Many individuals with hearing loss benefit from wearing two hearing aids, especially if they have hearing loss in both ears (bilateral hearing loss). Binaural hearing aids can provide improved sound localization, speech clarity, and overall balance.

The lifespan of hearing aids varies depending on factors such as the quality of the device, maintenance, and technological advancements. On average, hearing aids can last between 3 to 7 years before needing replacement or upgrades.

Yes, many modern hearing aids feature wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth, allowing them to pair with smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other compatible devices. This enables users to stream audio directly to their hearing aids for improved clarity and convenience.