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Hearing Aids Abilene, TX

Hearing Aids and Accessories for Abilene, TX Area Residents

Exposure to loud noises, for either the short-term or long-term, can inflict damage to one’s hearing. The loud sounds produced by certain commercial and industrial machines are a common cause of hearing loss when the ear canal is not properly protected. Another reason for hearing loss is aging. At Livingston Hearing Aid Center, we can help restore your lost hearing. A hearing aid specialist or an audiologist from our team can test your hearing and recommend the optimum hearing device to recover your hearing so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Our hearing service and product store serving Abilene, TX offers a wide array of hearing devices and accessories, including the best hearing aids for seniors and other adults with hearing loss. We offer a hearing test for adults that enables us to determine the severity of your hearing deficiency.

If you know you have some degree of hearing loss, our professional hearing services can help you find a solution to restore your hearing in the form of a hearing aid device. We offer a hearing test that starts the process at our hearing clinic near Abilene, TX. With this test, we can evaluate the level of your current hearing and give you hearing device options that will help improve your hearing.

Restore Your Hearing

At Livingston Hearing Aid Center, a hearing aid specialist at our hearing aid store will help you find the solution to your hearing issue. The hearing test we offer is conducted within a sound-proof booth at our clinic. Through this test and the information we collect from it, along with other correspondence we have with you about your current level of hearing, can help us find the best solution for your hearing issue. We will offer to fit you with a device that meets the needs of your hearing loss, whether you have a mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing deficiency.

After we fit you with the best device in our product line to improve your hearing, we also set the device to a safe amplification level. You will also have the option to adjust the amplification of the device as needed. We will go over the cost of our services and the hearing device before you make a purchase.

After the sale, we offer additional services to help you maintain your device going forward, including cleaning, repairs, and adjustments.

Our Hearing Aid Products

We are your source near Abilene, TX, for hearing aid services and hearing aid devices and accessory products that deliver the hearing solutions you need. Whether you are searching for the smallest invisible hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aids, hearing aids (VA certified), in-the-canal hearing aids, or other hearing assistive devices, we offer an array of quality options.

Hearing Aid Device Repairs

The hearing devices we offer at Livingston Hearing Aid Center include a one or three-year guarantee from the manufacturer that covers small repairs, which can often be performed at our store, and usually the same day. In some cases, the repair work may need to be completed by the manufacturer. In such a case, we expect to have your device returned from the manufacturer within approximately three to seven business days.

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Start the journey of restoring your hearing and improving your quality of life by visiting our hearing aid store and clinic serving Abilene, TX.

For more information about the best hearing aids for adults and affordable hearing aids for seniors we offer at Livingston Hearing Aid Center in Abilene, TX, call us today at  866.842.2441 or ask for an appointment online.