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Excessive noise is one of the most common reasons that brings on hearing loss. The exposure to loud sounds and high-volume noises in various places, including from machinery on the job, loud sound systems, and more can cause loss of hearing. The damage to the ear drum can increase as the ear canal is repeatedly exposed to the noise. Another factor that results in hearing loss is age. At Livingston Hearing Aid Center, we are your trusted Hearing Specialist and source for an extensive line of hearing aid products and accessories at our hearing aid store in Casa Grande, AZ. Our hearing solutions, expertly provided by our Hearing Specialist, are designed to resolve hearing loss in a safe manner and enhance your quality of life.

With the recognition of your hearing loss, you have made an important first step toward obtaining a solution that restores some or all of your hearing. Our team at Livingston Hearing Aid Center is here to help you realize this goal.

Our Process to Improve Your Hearing

We start the process off with a consultation with you to determine the level of your hearing loss, whether mild, moderate, severe, or profound. A hearing aid specialist from our team will perform a number of tests in our sound-proof booth to gauge your hearing. Then, we review the results, discuss them with you, and answer any questions you may have. We provide suggestions on the type of hearing aids that can restore your hearing. We explain the costs of the device and our services before you make a purchase decision.

Once you have agreed on a hearing device, we fit and program the device specifically for you. We set the amplification of the device to a safe level that will not damage your ear drum. You will have the ability to change the amplification to meet your hearing needs.

Our professionals at Livingston Hearing Aid Center, offer comprehensive care for your hearing aid devices, including cleanings, repairs, and future modifications to your devices. We want to be fully satisfied with you hearing aid.

Our Hearing Aid Products

Regardless of whether you need a rechargeable hearing aid, the smallest invisible hearing aid, in-the-canal hearing aid, fit-behind-the-ear hearing aid, or another device, we have you covered.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our hearing aids come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of one to three years. If you need minor hearing aid repairs, one of our local Livingston Hearing Aid Centers can provide those repairs same day, with certain exceptions. If we need to send your device to the manufacture in order to complete proper repairs, we will have your device back within seven working days.

Get Hearing Aids Near Casa Grande, AZ

Visit our hearing clinic and hearing aid store in Casa Grande, AZ. We are committed to helping you experience better hearing.

To learn more about the best hearing aids for adults and best hearing aids for seniors we offer at Livingston Hearing Aid Center in Casa Grande, AZ, call us today at 866.842.2441 or request an appointment online.