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Hearing Aids El Paso, TX

Hearing Aids and Accessories for El Paso, TX Area Residents

Hearing loss can result from one’s exposure to a certain level of loud noise over a period of time. Depending on the decibel level of the noise produced, loud machines can instigate loss of hearing during short or long term exposure. Aging alone is a major reason for loss of hearing in older individuals. At Livingston Hearing Aid Center, a hearing aid specialist or an audiologist from our team can test your hearing and from those test results, decide on the best product to help restore your hearing and quality of life.

At one of our stores serving the El Paso, TX area, including EastCentral, and West El Paso, you will find an extensive selection of hearing products and accessories, such as affordable hearing aids for seniors and any adult with hearing impairment. We employ a hearing test for adults that helps us diagnose the degree of your hearing loss. This test combined with the hearing devices we offer can help us develop an effective solution for improving your hearing.

If you recognize you have some hearing loss, allowing yourself to receive a professional hearing evaluation can be the first step toward gaining back your hearing. At our hearing clinic near El Paso, TX, we offer a hearing test that helps us determine the severity of your hearing loss and gives us enough information to suggest a hearing device that can restore your hearing and quality of life.

Improve Your Hearing

At our hearing aid store, a hearing aid specialist or an audiologist from our team can work with you to find the optimum solution for your hearing deficiency. The hearing tests we provide to reach this goal take place inside of a sound-proof booth. The information we collect from these tests and other communications with you about your hearing deficit help us recommend the best product(s) to enhance your hearing. We can suggest a hearing device that matches the degree of your hearing loss – whether it is profound, severe, moderate, or mild.

When we fit you with the right device to improve your hearing, we ensure the device is set to the optimum amplification level to keep your eardrums safe. The device will also allow the adjustment to your desired level of amplification. Also, before you purchase a hearing device, we will go over the total cost of the device and our services.

We also provide aftercare services that include any device adjustments, cleaning, or repairs you may require in the future.

Our Hearing Aid Product Line

We offer hearing aid services near El Paso, TX, in addition to hearing devices and accessories that bring much-needed solutions to individuals hampered by hearing deficiencies. Whether you are looking for in-the-canal hearing aids, hearing aids (VA certified), rechargeable hearing aids, the smallest invisible hearing aid, or other hearing aid devices, our selection includes many quality options.

Hearing Aid Repairs

For each of our hearing devices, we offer a one or three-year manufacturer’s guarantee that covers minor repairs which are often taken care of at our local store, and most of the time the same day. In some circumstances, we may need to send your hearing aid device back to the manufacturer to get the necessary repair work completed. If this is required, we should have your device back from the manufacturer within about three to seven business days.

Get Hearing Aids Near El Paso, TX

Improve your hearing and experience a higher quality of life with a visit to our hearing aid store and clinic serving El Paso, TX.

For more information about the best hearing aids for adults and affordable hearing aids for seniors we offer at Livingston Hearing Aid Center in El Paso, TX, call us today at 866.842.2441 or request an appointment online.