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Hearing Aids Hurst, TX

Hearing Aids and Accessories for Hurst, TX Area Residents

The most common reason that contributes to the physical problem of hearing loss is noise. Exposure to loud noise and sounds in various places such as work, restaurants, driving with the windows down, machinery, and more, can lead to a loss of hearing. As this noise occurs over time and impacts the eardrum, the damage can become permanent in nature. Aging also tends to cause hearing loss. At our hearing aid store in Hurst, TX, our Hearing Specialist offers a wide array of hearing aid products and accessories to alleviate the problem of hearing loss you may be experiencing. Our hearing products are designed to restore your ability to hear sounds and conversations once again in a safe manner.

By first recognizing you have hearing loss, you have taken a major step toward restoring your hearing to a level that improves your quality of life. At Livingston Hearing Aid Center, we are here to help achieve that result.

Our Process to Improve Your Hearing

A hearing aid specialist from our team along with our team members can provide you with a comprehensive consultation to diagnose the status of your hearing through various tests performed in our sound-proof booth. After reviewing your hearing test results and answering any questions you have, we determine the type of hearing aid devices that can improve your hearing. Whether we determine your hearing loss is mild, moderate, severe, or profound, we can help you with hearing aid options.

The rest of our process includes fitting and programming your hearing device.

We will set your hearing aid to a safe level of amplification. However, you may need to adjust the amplification higher to accommodate your hearing needs. We also make sure to clearly explain all of your costs before you purchase.

Our team at Livingston Hearing Aid Center provides extensive aftercare cleaning, repairs, and future adjustments to your device. We are committed to ensuring you have a successful experience with your new hearing devices.

Our Hearing Aid Products

The selection of hearing aids and accessories we offer cover a wide range of hear loss conditions that individuals deal with on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for the smallest invisible hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aid, fit-behind-the-ear hearing aid, in-the-canal hearing aid, among other options, we have you covered.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We provide all of our hearing aids with a one to three year manufacturer’s guarantee. If you need minor repairs to your hearing aid, simply bring them to your local Livingston Hearing Aid Center, and we will provide repairs the same day with certain exceptions. For instance, we need to send your hearing aids back to the manufacturer in order to have the proper repair completed, your hearing aids will be returned to us within seven work days.

Get Hearing Aids Near Hurst, TX

We invite you to visit our hearing aid store and hearing clinic in Hurst, TX. Our team is ready to help you experience a better quality of life with a hearing aid device that changes the way you hear.

For more information about the best hearing aids for adults and affordable hearing aids for seniors we offer at Livingston Hearing Aid Center in Hurst, TX, call us today at 866.842.2441 or request an appointment online.