Hearing Aids and Accessories for Lubbock, TX Area Residents

Exposure to a certain level of loud noise on a consistent basis is a common cause of hearing loss. Loud machines, in particular, can produce hearing loss in those exposed over a short or extended period of time, depending on the decibel level involved. Aging is another factor in the loss of hearing in older adults. A hearing aid specialist from our team at Livingston Hearing Aid Center can test your hearing and determine the optimum product that can help you regain hearing and quality of life.

You can find a wide-ranging selection of hearing devices and accessories at a store serving the Lubbock, TX area, including affordable hearing aids for seniors and other adults. We administer a hearing test for adults that helps us to determine the level of your hearing loss. This test, along with our hearing aid products, can help us provide you with the optimum solution for the restoration of your hearing.

An important first step to regaining hearing that you have lost is recognizing you have lost some of your hearing and getting a professional hearing evaluation so that the best solution can be found. That’s what we do for you at Livingston Hearing Aid Center. We test your hearing to determine the product(s) that will do the best job at restoring your hearing and quality of life.

Regain Your Hearing

A hearing aid specialist at our hearing aid store can help you find the best solution we have available for your hearing loss. We do this by giving our patients hearing tests inside of a sound-proof booth. Using the data collected from these tests and other conversations with you regarding your hearing loss, we can recommend the optimal hearing device to improve your hearing. We can fit you with a hearing product based on the level of your hearing loss, whether mild, moderate, severe, or profound.

When we fit you for your hearing device, we ensure it is set to the required level of amplification which is also safe for your ears. You can also adjust the amplification level as needed. Before you make a purchase, we will explain the total costs for your hearing device and our services.

In addition, we offer services after the sale for your hearing product, including cleaning, repairs, and adjustments you may need to your device in the future.

Our Hearing Aid Products

The assortment of hearing aid devices and accessories we offer are designed to solve the various hearing difficulties that individuals live with on a day-by-day basis. Whether you need VA hearing aids, in-the-canal hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, fit-behind-the-ear hearing aids, or the smallest invisible hearing aid, among other products, look no further than our selection.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We provide a one or three year manufacturer’s guarantee on each one of our hearing device products covering minor repairs, which are usually handled at our local store, most often the same day. In some cases, we may need to ship your hearing product to the manufacturer in order to have the repair work done. If that is the case, we expect to receive your hearing device back in our possession within seven business days.

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Better hearing and an upgrade in your quality life is possible with just one visit to our hearing aid store and clinic serving the Lubbock, TX area.

To learn more about the best value hearing aids for adults and best hearing aids for seniors we offer at Livingston Hearing Aid Center, call us today at 866.842.2441 or ask for an appointment online.