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Linking Dementia And Hearing Loss

Linking Dementia And Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be an incredibly frustrating and challenging part of life. Research has found a connection between dementia and hearing loss. Studies found that moderate hearing loss triples the risk of developing dementia and those with severe hearing loss are five times more probable to develop dementia.

Living in Isolation

According to Frank Lin, M.D., Ph.D., an expert from John Hopkins, “Brain scans show us that hearing loss may contribute to a faster rate of atrophy in the brain,” he said. “Hearing loss also contributes to social isolation. You may not want to be with people as much, and when you are you may not engage in conversation as much. These factors may contribute to dementia.”

When you are walking around, your ears are constantly listening for subtle clues to help keep you balanced. For those with hearing loss, these important signals are missing. Lin goes on to say, “It also makes your brain work harder just to process sound. This subconscious multitasking may interfere with some of the mental processing needed to walk safely.”

Can Hearing Aids Reduce the Risk?

Research has been able to determine that wearing hearing aids may be effective in reducing the risk or delaying the onset of dementia, and there are no downsides to wearing hearing aids. Most of the people who try them would say that their lives have been changed for the better. They are now able to engage with their families and friends, becoming more involved in the world that surrounds them. Call us at 866-842-2441 to improve your hearing now.
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