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The Livingston Extended Warranty Plan is designed to give you peace of mind once the initial Warranty has expired on your hearing aid(s). If you have a problem with your hearing aid(s), the repair will be performed free of charge under terms of the extended warranty.

Never attempt to repair your hearing aid(s). Do-it-yourself repairs usually cause more damage than good. Any problems should be reported immediately to your hearing professional.

  • Never wear your hearing aid(s) in the shower or while swimming.
  • Never apply any “quick drying” methods such as microwaves, hair dryers or ovens to wet hearing instrument(s). Consult your hearing professional if your instrument(s) should become inoperable due to moisture.
  • Always place your hearing aid(s) in a safe place out of the reach of pets or small children.
  • Consult your hearing professional immediately if you experience distortion or unclear hearing when using your aid(s).
  • Visit your hearing professional at least twice a year for follow-up care and routine service. Hearing loss is dynamic. We recommend that you have your hearing evaluated at least once a year to ensure you are receiving maximum benefit from your hearing aid(s).
  • Valid only on aid(s) less than five (5) years old.
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